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 I'm back with another vacation/beach inspired outfit, but this one is also appropriate for island hiking. You've probably noticed that printed dresses are my summer 'go to' item. Yesterday I showed you a cherry print one and today I'll show you how to wear a dress with a geometric print. The geometric prints that are trending the most this season are retro ones. We saw retro patterns and prints featured in numerous 2019 resorts collections. Not that I bought this dress with the intention of following this trend, it's more a coincidence. With all the summer micro trends, you're bound to pick up on some trend sooner or later (even if you don't try). 

I actually had this dress for years, got it in a collaboration. You know that I'm all for shopping's one closet as it is a great way to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Today you can see me wearing a geometric print dress I wore many times on this blog (proof here, here and here) and even more in 'real life' , a pair of Startas sneakers I wore just as much (proof here). The only 'new' thing  about my outfit is the necklace I made myself (from left over materials). Therefore, you could say this outfit is pretty sustainable. I'm thinking about starting a feature called sustainability files where I would share how I shop my closet and do other sustainable stuff, but until then you can also check this post where I pointed out the many benefits of getting the most out of our closets. 

As I explained, today I'm sharing a hiking outfit with you. There are many known benefits of hiking and spending time outdoors. Going for a walk in the nature always makes sense, even when you're vacationing- and perhaps especially when you're on vacation. In fact, hiking can be the perfect way for you to explore some area you're staying in. Island hiking is a great way to get to know any island. I feel that island experience is always a special one. Being surrounded by water can feel so relaxing and calming. Whether it is an island located in a sea or one in a lake, one can feel calmer with all that water surface around.  Some of the health benefits of going for a longer walk in nature can include:

1. Digital detox (because sometimes we are tempted to check our phones even on vacay):
 Resting our eyes from the screens is pretty important and what better way to do it than by taking in some beautiful landscape in? Going on an island hike is a great way to remind ourselves that the best panorama is not on Instagram or Pinterest but rather there where we can enjoy it, aka in the real world. Nothing wrong in searching for inspiration online but sometimes we really do need a digital detox. 
2. Physical activity (because potato coach lifesytle comes with a health risk):
Great thing about hiking is that you can adjust it to your fitness levels. It doesn't have to very long or intense if your health or general fitness state doesn't permit. Listen to your body. A slow walk is appropriate even for the elderly and chronically ill. Physical activity is an important aspect of overall health preservation and maintenance.

3. No noise, less stress (because we all need some peace and quiet):
You hear warnings about the dangers of prolonged screen times, but often we are not aware of how much the noise we're exposed to daily can increase our stress levels. Resting our ears might be as important as resting our eyes. Don't underestimate the effect of silence. In addition, nature sounds such as the sound of the waves, a creek or the bird song can have a relaxing effect on many. The calming sound of waves can be the perfect accompaniment to your island hike. 

4. Fresh air (because our lungs need some TLC as well):
Our lungs works hard and so does our whole body. The air we breathe in isn't always of the best quality. Often we spend our time indoors and we don't get nearly enough fresh air. Even when we do get out (especially if we happen to live in a city), the air we breathe in might be problematic. A typical urban settlement has its own fair share of traffic and we know how polluting the city air can be. That is why an island getaway can be such a great idea. Fresh air is obviously beneficial for our lungs and overall health. Fresh air boosts our immune system and spending time outdoors can lower the changes of depression.

5. Inspiration and a change of scenery (because it can boost creativity and make us feel better):
Nature can be a great way to find inspiration and get our creative juices flowing. I always say that the nature is the best artist. Indeed, observing nature (both flora and fauna of some place) can teach us a lot. Island hiking can be a perfect way to get inspired and  this doesn't only apply to artists or people working in creative field. A change of scenery is a good for anyone really and we all need it sometimes. Best thing about hiking is that it is free. It doesn't cost anything and it is  a fantastic way to change up our routine. 


I might have already mentioned this on blog, but years ago I read somewhere that the beach is the most perfect environment for us. Why? Supposedly, it is because of that the fact that on a beach we have all the elements present (water, earth, wind). That makes sense and it is indeed possible that this balance of elements is something that calms our senses. A beach is an open space, a place where the sea meets the sky. Perhaps it is true that a beach brings all the elements in harmony. Moreover, over the years I read many articles about how and why is the sea so beneficial for our health. I've always loved the sea and with years I've found more reasons to love it you might say. I believe there is some good scientific evidence behind the claim that the sea may be good for us. Perhaps not for all of us, but for most of us. We are all different and not everyone  will adore spending time by the sea, but there is definitely truth in the claim that being by the sea can be beneficial for our health. Island hiking seems to be me like an activity that can give us the best of both worlds. According to some experts, spending time by the sea can help both our mental and physical health. The same can be said of hiking, on overall it is good for our health. Hiking doesn't cost anything and it can help us in many ways.  Whenever I'm in Croatia, I try to for a walk by the sea, even if it is just a very short walk. I don't live by the sea anymore, so whenever I'm near sea, I try to make the most out of it. I do hike around lakes when I can as well. Any big surface of water has a calming effect of me. It was only a few days that I blogged about hiking by Neretva river.  Spending time outdoors is always great!

These images were taken in bay Soca during one of our island hikes. I wanted to check out what is new in bay Soca so I had a look around. When I was a kid there was only one house there (and I'm not sure that one was fully finished either), but now there are two beautiful houses there (and one that isn't finished). When we went hiking it was (besides the obvious benefits of hiking) with the purpose of showing my husband other Gdinj's  bays and coves (apart from bay Torac) where we were staying. I really enjoyed visiting bay Soca. It is one of the smallest bays belonging to Gdinj village. I visited it quite a few times when I was a kid and it was nice to see it again. Like Torac, Soca bay is located on the Southern side of island Hvar. In case anyone is interested in vacationing here, I googled the accommodation for you, here is a link to the house you saw a moment ago. June is already booked, but August still isn't. Smaller bays are a great option if you want to have the beach all for yourself.

 Your visits are often what keeps this blog going.  As always, thank you all so much for reading and commenting. Have a lovely day and take care! I will link up this look with Modish Matrons Linkup.


  1. great post and outfit. I love this print and dress, and i think that it is beautiful for summer. xx

    SelfCactii | Welcome

  2. Io adoro stare al'aria aperta nella natura, dipendesse da me, quello sarebbe ilmio stile di vita ideale!
    Fare escursioni in un posto ch unisce mare e bosco poi, è ilmassimo! Non so come hai fatto a resistere a non tuffarti in quel mare stupendo! *_*
    Comunque sei proprio brava ad esser sempre carinissima a molto curata nei tuoi look, anche nelle situazioni più selvagge!
    E quel tipo di abitini bodycon trovo che ti donino davvero molto, sei deliziosa!
    bellissime foto!

    1. grazie, si il mare e' stupendo, e' davvero difficile resistarlo.

  3. Another cute dress! Love it with the sneakers. A digital detox always feels good. One of my favorite things about nature walks is hearing only birds and the rustling of leaves caused by other critters. Bay Soca looks like another amazing spot!

  4. Anche questo è un posto spettacolare, che acquaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Adoro questo vestito, assolutamente adatto per fare un po' di hiking!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  5. That is one lovely dress on ya Ivana. I would so wear that. Taking a break is always a good idea.

  6. I would never have thought of wearing a dress on a hike, you are rocking that look! Wonderful motivations for seeing some of nature as well, thank you!

  7. lovely post dear :)
    I like your blog, wanna follow each other? please let me know. thanks :)

  8. Girl you look amazing, I love your outfit :)
    Cannot wait to read your post!

    - Marina W

  9. Wonderful photos, great background! I really like print of your dress :-)

  10. Thanks a lot :D

    loved the pictures my friend!
    you look great

    InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  11. The dress is gorgeous and the views are amazing Ivana!


  12. That is a beautiful printed dress and such stunning views! I agree, being by the sea is just so relaxing. Something about it just makes me so happy! :)

    I hope that you are having an awesome week :)

    Away From Blue

  13. Hello Ivana
    I think the most important topic is to disconnect from social networks and enjoy nature and not the smarphone.
    Your dress is beautiful, I like the colors, but it's a difficult pattern !!
    The photos are wonderful and I can only imagine the noise of birdsong and the water, there is nothing more relaxing !!

  14. Wonderful post! I live by the ocean and I love the smell of the salt air and revel in the silence. Your dress is fabulous.

    1. thank you. Lucky you! I miss living by the sea.

  15. Your dress is beautiful! And it looks like such a wonderful hike too. I love to hike as well. Nature has so much beauty and I love to explore it. All the points you mentioned regarding why hiking is great are definitely true.

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

    1. thank you Kathrin. Hiking is definitely good for us.

  16. What a well written post and fun to read! Couldn't agree more with number 3. Sometimes a break from our routine is the very thing we need to relax and enjoy nature. 💛

    1. yes, a break from our routine is one of the things that makes the nature experience so rewarding.

  17. Your hiking look is so great!
    I just saw you are wearing that necklaces as head accessory in your newest post.
    That idea is so exciting!!
    I also read your article about shopping closet, then I just done before I finished to read this article!
    Thank you for your ideas always<3


    1. thank you Akiko. I'm happy you like this idea of wear a necklace as an accessory. Shopping our closet is always important.

  18. This place look awesome!!!

  19. Beautiful dress and not a self-colored background for photos you chose

  20. We are so similar when it comes to our love of the sea and beach! I also agree with you on hiking. I don't hike nearly as much as I would love to, but I'm working on it. Croatia and Hvar are so beautiful - breathtaking!! Thank you so much for sharing your magical homeland with us. Your dress is adorable on you, and you are great when it comes to shopping your closet. I have finally created the closet which I enjoy "shopping"! The best part is that everything is to my liking, my size and paid for! :)

    Thank you for linking up with Modish Matrons, my dear!

    1. Thank you, Hvar is truly a magical island. I have a closet I enjoy shopping too. It's a great feeling!

  21. I'm absolutely with you: hiking is free, healthy for body, heart and soul! And I adore your little dress thinking: why not wearing a dress with sneakers or even hiking boots, especially when the weather is hot? Thank you for showing the beauty of Hvar, how breathtaking!
    Greetings from Maren

  22. Aww so relate with this post. Hiking is definitely one of the best ever. I just started hiking daily for two weeks now and I love how it refreshed my mind and my body. Although, I only dress in workout clothes. Maybe sometimes, I'll wear something as fabulous as what you are wearing dear!

    love lots,

  23. That geometric print dress is really pretty! I love that you paired it with sneakers to wear it hiking. Hiking is one of my favorite things to do because of all the reasons you listed. It really is the best for de-stressing and getting inspiration!

    x Kara |

  24. Kochana, ale mi się ta Twoja sukienka podoba!!! jest genialna! :) Buziaki :)

  25. Beautiful dress and lovely post. I have never been to hiking and is not something i am looking forward to doing anytime soon.

  26. Wow this is such a lovely place :)
    Perfect to calm down and I adore your Dress, the one and only choice for the warm summer days.

    take a look at my BLOG and my INSTAGRAM

  27. I adore the print of this dress!


  29. You are looking so pretty in this cute outfit, I really love your dress and the way you have styled it. The place is so beautiful. Fantastic look.
    Have a great day :)

  30. More gorgeous views! I would love to see your sustainability tips. I think as bloggers we are always trying to show new instead of ideas for utilising what we already have. At least I don't see enough of that happening, even myself being guilty (not that I post outfit photos all that often!)


    1. yes, showing that we can utilize what we already have is so important.

  31. Looks amazing! I love your dress!

    Gemma x

  32. Wow beautifil post thanks for sharing! I enjoyed this

  33. I loved the outfit, it's beautiful

  34. Hi Ivana, i love travel with you in your blog. This geometric print dress is very beautiful and is perfect to this tour. Very beautiful little beach.
    Inventando com a Mamãe / Instagram  / Facebook

  35. Wow the place is absolutely gorgeous!! I love quite and calm places like by the river, sea, or lush green forests. And I love how beautifully you have outlined the benefits of long nature walks and or sitting around sea/lake.

    I am goi g to bookmark this post for re-reading. You look lovely in that geometric print dress and shoes.


  36. Colour is so perfect.

    Mónica Sors

  37. I really love the print of your dress and it looks so good on you <3

  38. Nice post dear! Great place!
    Have a good day! xx

    La ilusión de Nina -

  39. Ah yes, all these are so true! I especially love being by the water. I feel restored. I was out in the garden a lot yesterday and that was so soothing to my soul also!
    Your dress is beautiful. xx

    1. being by the water is always great and so is being surrounded by greenery.


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