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Fashion illustration of the day / Modna ilustracija dana 9.10.2018.----- Larissa

Autumn has arrived. It lingers in the air. All my blazers take, once again, a prominent place in my closet…there they are hanging on the closet hangers but mixed with my Summer clothes, for you never know, do you? There will be plenty of sunny days to come. Mostar might be famous for its rains, but it is even more famous for its sunshine. The coats will be in rotation soon enough though, but not just yet. The air is colder. Too sudden of a change for my linking. It cost me a headache but I got over it. Rainy day…and then one blissful day of sunshine. Just to let you know you never know what to expect, but I know that. Do I? Perhaps I do . It is not an easy lesson to take, grand me that. Anything might happen. Everything that might happen will happen, you know the Murphy law. But it doesn’t have to be all bad. The unpredictable can be good. I’ll try to remember that, because everything seems unpredictable right now. This new cool air is full of life, as potent with it fragrances as o

For the love of reading.....Orpheus Descending, a play by Tennessee Williams

Orpheus Descending is a play by Tennessee Williams. It is actually a rewrite of his earlier play Battle of Angels (which was written in 1940). Tennesse said that only on surface this is a tale about a wild boy who wonders into a conventional community. There is a deeper level to the play, one that Williams himself described with words: "it is a play about unanswered questions that haunt the hearts of people." The difference between people, according to Williams, is whether they are brave enough to ask the questions. Moreover, it is about "the difference between continuing to ask them (questions)....and the acceptance of the prescribed answers that are not answers at all.". How does that sound to you? Have you heard about Tennessee Williams? You must have had, because he is also the author of The Streetcar Named Desire ,   Cat On a Hot Tin Roof and The Glass Menagerie. Today I will be talking only about this particular play. Unfortunately, I've never