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etno selo (outfit post) / ethno village (odjevna objava)

Boots/Čizme: Peko, leg warmers/grijači za noge: neosens, torba/bag: second hand, haljina/dress: New Yorker...umbrella/silk blouse/puffer: no name...ostalo nije markirano If this outfit looks familiar, it is for a reason. You had already seen it in a way...just with another coat. In fact, these photographs were taken on the same day as the ones you already had the chance of seeing here . Speaking of things repeated, here we are again in this ethno village that has been featured on this blog a number of times. It's been under construction for years, but I swear it's more gorgeous every time I visit it. I can't wait to see it finished. It's within the walking distance of another (already established and popular) ethno village Herceg    in Međugorje, BIH. Some of the photographs are a bit blurry because some of the rain drops ended up on our camera, but I think that only adds to the charm. Ako vam ova odjevn