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etno selo (outfit post) / ethno village (odjevna objava)

If this outfit looks familiar, it is for a reason. You had already seen it in a way...just with another coat. In fact, these photographs were taken on the same day as the ones you already had the chance of seeing here. Speaking of things repeated, here we are again in this ethno village that has been featured on this blog a number of times. It's been under construction for years, but I swear it's more gorgeous every time I visit it. I can't wait to see it finished. It's within the walking distance of another (already established and popular) ethno village Herceg   in Međugorje, BIH. Some of the photographs are a bit blurry because some of the rain drops ended up on our camera, but I think that only adds to the charm.
Ako vam ova odjevna kombinacija izgleda poznato, razlog je što sam je već nosila, samo s drugim kaputom. Zapravo su ove fotografije uslikane isti dan kao i ove koje ste imali prilike vidjeti tu. Kada smo već kod ponavljanja, ovo mjesto se pojavljivalo na b…