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Have you ever had your hear broken? (fashion illustration)

Have you ever had your heart broken? I think most of us have had that experience...Not just romantic girly girls (like the one on this illustrations) but practically everyone...and  you can get your heart broken in a number of ways, not just by your love interest but by life itself. Perhaps we are all more connected by pain then by happiness. No matter what our personal style might be, we have all made mistakes. Perhaps there is a parallel that can be drawn there. No matter how different we might look, dress and act, the things we aspire to, the things we want are quite  often the same....including that little silly little thing called love. We have all been disappointed. We have all been heart broken. Sometimes we get our heart broken because we mistake one thing from another. Sometimes we do something that we shouldn't have done. Sometimes others wrong us, sometimes we wrong others. From that common experience, we grow and  go on...some with more success, some with les