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Art exhibition (Dubrovnik's Intermezzo) / Izložba slika (Dubrovački intermezzo) Josip Škerlj.

I visited Josip Škerlj's art exhibition four days ago, i.e. on the very day it was opened. I happened to find myself there a few hours before the official opening ceremony. I'm glad it turned out that way because it gave me an opportunity to view this amazing collection of paintings without being rushed. There was nobody there at the time, no other visitors, just me and my husband. So, I took my time. One thing that amazed me is how different all of these paintings look when you see them from a different perspective. I walked up and down the gallery like a crazy person just so I can get different views and perspectives of these paintings. I don't know how to describe it, but every painting felt magical. Literally every painting undergoes a metamorphosis and changes when you move to see it from another angle or when the light changes. That is true art. Pure magic. Paintings that have a soul. As the name itself implies (Dubrovnik's intermezzo) this exhibition is insp