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Is a smile the best fashion accessory? (fashion illustration of the day) Je li osmijeh najbolji modni detalj? (modna ilustracija dana 10.10.2016.)

They say that a smile is the best fashion accessory. Do you agree? Is smile really the best fashion accessory? If that is true, why runaway models don't smile? Maybe so they wouldn't distract the audience from the clothes? That's actually an interesting topic, but I won't get into that now. Tonight I will talk about my smiling philosophy. I try to find something to smile about every day. Not every day is going to be a good one, but we can always steal a smile or two for ourselves and those dear to us, can't we? Sometimes even a ghost of a smile is a success. If life is a bittersweet symphony, why not make use of its merry sounds? Perhaps we should take in all the sweetness we can from life. A smile is a form of sweetness, isn't it? It can even be a result of mixed emotions. Haven’t you ever seen a bittersweet smile or smiled one yourselves? I gave up about worrying about the duality of human emotions a long time ago. I came to the conclusion that it is normal t