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I haven't been able to buy any new art supplies since this coronavirus thing started. So, I settled to drawing sketches with a ball point pen and colouring them using computer program Paint 3D. I wrote about my experiences with digital art here . It is still a new technique for me, I only started playing with digital colouring a month or so ago. Finding time for my art hobbies is always difficult. When I'm especially short on time, I find sketching quite useful. As I like to say, you never know where a sketch can take you. Contrary to popular belief, art doesn't materialize out of thin air. It costs both time and money. Digital art is also quite time consuming, but it does give you the advantage of not having to run to buy art supplies. Useful during this pandemic, I must add. Not that you always need to spend a lot of money on art supplies to create art, but sometimes you do and even if you shop affordable, things do tend to add up. Not that digital art is the easy way out