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favourite outfits of the week/ najdraži outfiti tjedna

I have no time to write anything you all and have a great week!

my fashion illustrations / moje modne ilustracije


Sabe Deus

Sabe Deus
Tudo o que me vai na alma
Sabe Deus
Onde encontro a minha calma
Só Deus sabe
Como calma era a manhã em que saíste
Nesse dia em que me deixaste
E para sempre partiste. Sabe Deus
Como é fria a nossa cama
Sabe Deus
Como a minha voz te chama
Só Deus sabe
Como posso eu viver nesta tristeza
De saber que não vais voltar
É esta a minha certeza. Mas se Deus quiser
Tu estarás à minha espera
Onde é sempre primavera
Mas se Deus quiser
Voltarei para junto a ti
Renascendo onde morri.

Starigrad (photography/ fotografija)


DIY (embroidery)

Embroidery is all about the details. By definition it is the handicraft of decorationg fabric (and sometimes other materials but personally to me it seems to be something else) with a needle or tread. In Croatia there is a long tradition of embroidery, the finest kind is know as zlatovez (golden emboridery). 
I myself have been doing embroidery for years and I'm more or less selftaught. Seeing my grandmother do it, inspired me to try. My mum is also good at it, but she cannot draw so she must rely on a some kind design or ask someone to draw the design on the clothes for  her to fill in. As I said, emboridery is all about the details and a wonderful way to make your clothes look artistic and rich. However, embroidery is quite time consuming and it does require some skill. I usually do it when I'm in bed watching television because I just cannot bear to have my hand idle....
The photographs are of dress that I will hopefully show to you soon ( it's almost completed).

my cuisine/ moja kužina

Somewhere I have read that Pavarotti had once said that one of nicest things about life is that we regularly have to stop what we're doing and devote our attention to eating...I think he must have been on to something:)

Thank you all for your sweet comments!

Negdje sam pročitala da je Pavarotti jednom rekao kako je jedna od najdivnih stvari u životu to što redovito moramo prestati radi štogod radimo i posvetiti pozornost jedenju....Mislim da to mu je ta misao išla u dobrom pravcu:)

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favourite outfits of the week/ najdraže odjevne kombinacije tjedna