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The spring of the river Tihaljina (photography ) / Izvor rijeke Tihaljine (fotografija)

Have I saved the best for last? I'll let you be the judge of that. This is my third and last post  (links for the  first one and the  second one ) from Peć Mlini and today I'll show you the spring of the river Tihaljina. This freshwater spring is absolutely beautiful. I was even fortunate enough to see a freshwater crab there, but unfortunately I don't know its scientific name. In vain I researched the internet, the name of this freshwater crab will remain a mystery to me. Nevertheless, it is another indication of how pure this water really is. Perfect place for a swim, my friends assured me! Do you remember my posts about Trebižad river?  Anyhow, according to wikipedia, because of the fact that Trebižad river disappears and reappears many times, people have developed a total of nine names for it.In the past they didn't know it is one and the same river. Tihaljina is just one of those names. Isn't that fascinating?  Another fascinating information is that the