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island Hvar /otok Hvar

Islanders' Ballad We live from the sea, nets and knots Counting the blisters made from the oars and hoes  our eyes red from the nights and the tears our workers' hands as hard as stone
We're beaten by the storms and the rains and every day bend closer to the ground and yet more than anything, more than any beauty we love the sea for as long as we live
Our blue sea, you know all our desires You are our streght, our joy, our entire life
We're counting the sails and the steamships, our days passing with northern and southern winds, the barren earth gives what it can give, Life on the island is both sorrow and joy...
(*song performed by Vice Vukov, written in Dalmatian dialect, translated by me)
Bodulska balada Živi se od mora, od mriža i uza
Brojidu se žuji od vesla, mašklina
Crljene su oči od noći i suza
Žujave nan ruke su tvrde ka stina I tučedu nas nevere i kiše
I svaki dan smo zgrbljeni sve više
Ipak više od sveg i od svih lipota
Cilega života mi volimo more More naše plavo,…