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Painting (and outfit) of the day/ Slika i odjevna kombinacija dana

I can't say that I have a preferred medium when it comes to painting. However, I must disagree with those that say that acrylic paints are just like oil paints just a modern version. Nothing is like oil paints. I like painting with both acrylic and oils, but there is clearly a difference. I'm not saying one paints are better than others, for some paintings acrylics may be more suitable than oils. Furthermore, I have quite a few acrylic paintings that I hold dear.
 The need to write this might be just my reaction to acrylic paints being advertised as the new oil paints. I feel that oil paints have a special kind of warmth to them and that's why I'm somewhat saddened by the fact they're not widely used. I would hate it if the only reason was just because somebody convinced them it is reserved only for professional painters. Sure, oil paints are more expensive, smelly and take forever to dry. Yet, how can they reveal their magic to you unless you try them.  Now, abou…