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Spirit of adventure (illustration) / Avanturistički duh (ilustracija)

akrilne boje i kemijska olovka na papiru acrylic  paints and pen on paper Another illustration, another message...Spirit of adventure is something we all can use, don't you think? Just like a piece of statement jewelry that will make us feel fabulous. My choice is often the kind of statement necklaces that you can see on these illustration (and many of my recent ones) but I also love hair accessories.  Quite often I have managed to combine those two in some of my works. What kind of jewelry do you like? Another illustration, another redhead I might seems that redheads have invaded my imagination. Anyhow, this redhead is wearing a dark scarf, blue tee and vintage aviator kind of glasses...maybe she is driving a motorcycle, maybe something else....who knows? but she had that spirit of adventure feel about her. Još jedna ilustracija, još jedna poruka... avanturistički duh je nešto što nam svima dobro dođe, zar ne?Baš kao i upečatljiv komad nakita koji će učinit

Summer in the city (illustration)/ Ljeto u gradu (ilustracija)

pen, water colours, coffee on paper The summer officially started at about 7 am this morning. The illustrations shows what I see as a quintessential  summer outfit. Summer is meant for relaxation and enjoyment. No tight clothes or uncomfortable shoes...plenty of colour and accessories to keep it interesting and there it outfit I would gladly wear in the summer (consisting of pink wedges, orange baggy shorts, red top, yellow bracelets, dark necklaces and pink oversize bag). I didn't use to spend my summer in the city. For most of my childhood and adult life, I have spend them on the island Hvar. It is only in recent years that I have been spending them in the city (or two cities to be precise, Mostar and Split). I don't think I will mind being in the city. I just hope I'll get a chance to relax this summer. I do feel that I really need it. Ljeto je službeno počelo jutros malo prije sedam. Ilustracija prikazuje što vidim kao esencijalnu ljet