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Outfit of the day (Split city, an old stone house)

I have another quick post for you, a post in which I'll be sharing a few photographs of my dear Split city and an outfit of the day. I already wore a similar outfit here . This short black coat is a favourite of mine, probably because it is so easy to style. This time I paired it with a red hoodie for extra warmth. The boots I wore have high heels, but comfortable ones, so this styling is stuck somewhere between casual and dressed up. It is not exactly dressed up, but it is not entirely casual either- that could perhaps be said of majority of my outfits. I liked to mix feminine items with casual ones. Some might call it casual chic and I wouldn't mind. I suppose that I like to have fun with clothes, but I don't like to suffer for fashion. My style is probably a reflection of that. A bit playful, but nothing extreme. From time to time, I do wish I was a bit more fashion forward, but there is always time for that, right?  This was a  bittersweet moment captured h

Painting of the day (Madonna, watercolour on paper)

Today just a quick post, sharing my art. The medium is watercolour on paper. I'm not sure how I feel about this painting. I have a feeling like something is missing but I can't quite figure out what. I will probably have to work on this idea a bit more.  Maybe I need to add a background? Lately I've been finding inspiration in classical paintings more than anything, mostly in the work of sixteen century painters. It is amazing how accomplished they were. I do honestly feel we have a lot to learn from the classics.  I took part in another art course (my third one) last year and perhaps I will prepare a post about it one of these days. As soon as the new art course starts (this February), I will probably sign in again. I feel very comfortable using oil and acrylic paints, but I need to work more on my watercolour skills. Aquarelle is a painting method I still need to work on. In many ways this medium is quite unique, and I need to learn more about the technicalities, t