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Modra elegija (plava tinta na papiru) / Blue elegy (blue ink on paper)

This painting is inspired by a poem Blue Elegy . This poem was written by Nikola Milićević (1922- 1999), Croatian poet, translator, journalist and university professor. The medium is blue ink on paper. I painted this one a long time ago, I'm not even sure do I still have this painting. Yesterday, while I was reading An Anthology Of Croatian Poetry in the library, I came across Nikola Milićević. I always loved this poet. Almost as much as I love Vesna Parun. Almost. However, I prefer no one to Vesna. Hers is the poetry that I read most often. I'm in Split and the moment, so it is no wonder that blue is the chosen colour of my thoughts. I almost forgot how beautiful this city is in Autumn. The sea with its magnificent palette of colours: silver, green, brown, yellow and all imaginative shades of blue. The sound that heavy boat ropes make  as they struggle to keep the boats in balance between the sea and the port. A Russian blue (cat) stirs with its paw the water of a puddl