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Today we'll continue with my series devoted to finding the most beautiful bays on island Hvar. Despite spending much of my childhood on island Hvar, there are many of them that I had only discovered this year. On this particular day (some time last summer), we were driving away from Stari Grad town, trying to find new places and bays near it. We ended driving until we lost the radio signal. We drove for about 10 kilometers, until we came until the end of cape Kabal. There we discovered this beautiful bay Lozna. It is located on the northern side. Isn't it simply amazing? With nobody in sight, we had the beach all to ourselves. There isn't a single house in this bay. If you're looking for a perfect virginal beach, this is a great location. Actually,  Lozna bay isn't the only bay with this name on island Hvar. There is another beautiful bay that shares the same name. I promise I'll take you to another Lozna bay but some other time. Scroll down to see more of this