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For the love of drawing ('How I learned to enjoy drawing more'?): Fashion illustrations of the day (pencil)

This particular drawing was inspired by one Dolce and Gabbana dress (as you might have noticed, I kind like this brand), worn by Monica Belluci ages ages ago. However, I took some artistic liberties and drew this fashion illustration in my personal drawing style (now that I finally have one) meaning en-longed neck and fingers. I might try to turn this drawing into something more eventually. For now, I'm happy with how it turned out- not that bad considering the time I had at the disposal last Summer.  Maybe it is good as time as any to mentioned that these photographs were taken in Summer 2017? Not that I couldn't just as well take them now. I mean my new home is extremely warm. Turns out that spending a lot of money on quality isolation (those who know something about construction will get what I mean) was a good idea. The kitchen area (as well as the living room, they're joined) is filled with lots of natural light so that keeps the temperature up as wel