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If someone told me that I would wear a ski jacket in May.....Never say never. / Da mi je netko rekao da ću nositi snježnu jaknu u svibnju......Nikad ne reci nikad.

One of the things I love  about blogging is that it is not static. One evening you might spend a lot of time (that was reserved for writing your own post) on something else's blog because that blogger really made you think...and end up writing an incredibly long comment on that blog because the post was exceptionally interesting (do check up his blog  here ), a comment that was so long that it had to be cut and pasted twice to be accepted ( blogger as a social platform appereantly doesn't like too long comments, over 1000 characters seems to be the limit)...Anyway, you end up with less time to write your post. However, that is ok because you an blog about it. You can blog about how you spend a lot of time thinking about what was written on some other blog. You can blog anything you like. Isn't that a liberating feeling? Sometimes we bloggers get stuck in a rot and forget what blogging has to offer. Blogging can be a means of expressing ourselves. It is easy to focus on w