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 Selecting a frame and a varnish for a canvas can feel like adding finishing touches. It's like choosing accessories to an outfit, something that can make it look even better and/or more polished. Today I'll show you the varnishing and framing done on a seascape painting I already shared with you (more details HERE ). This canvas depicting Zavala on island Hvar has found a new home and is no longer with me. It was hard saying goodbye to it, because I invested so much time, energy and love into making it. Before gifting it away, I had it framed. I usually have my paintings framed in Michelangelo gallery in Mostar.  This is an outfit I wore to take this painting to the gallery. VARNISHING THE CANVAS- Varnishing serves to protect the colour and the painting itself from the harmful influences of light, dirt and so on. I'm still too new to varnishing to offer any definite advice. All I can give is general advice: make sure the painting is clean before applying the varnish, make