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Inspired by....... Dolce &Gabbana Spring 2016 collection (fashion illustration of the day- runaway look )

Spring.  Believe it or not, I'm not anxious for Spring to get here. Yes, I find it hard to believe myself but I'm a newfound lover of Winter. The weather has been rather gloomy lately, today being no exception. I haven't been able to take a decent shot in days, but somehow I don't even mind it.  I'm content with the season at hand. However, that doesn't mean  that I don't have my eye open for upcoming trends. That doesn't mean that I'm not thinking about what I will wear this Spring. Speaking of which.... Today I have a new fashion illustration to share with you. Recently I shared an illustration from D&G 2017 collection ( here ). Today I'm illustrating something from a different collection. It is in fact a runaway look from the last year's collection- but from the same designers. So, I suppose you could say that I like Dolce& Gabbana:). #Italyislove and all that! Does anyone remember D&G Spring 2016 collection? Well, here is