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I know I might be getting boring with the gold glitter nailpolish but this is the last manicure in this style for a while at least I promise;)  Previously I have tried this nailpolish with dark blue and red, this time I chose turquoise. The turquoise nailpolish is no name, I think I paid one euro for it somewhere because I liked the colour so much I though I might use it on something else not my nails ( i.e jewerlly) . Turns out that the quality isn't that bad. Have a lovely day! Lipi moji kako ste? Znan da san možda malo i dosadna s ovim lakom s zlatnim šljokicama jer sam ga isprobala sa svim lakovima koje iman, ali eto...ovo je zadnja manikura u ovom stilu zasada. Pozdrav:)