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Inspired by...Nadahnuta s....Ivana

Today's illustration is inspired by Ivana from bambolai blog (check out her blog here ).  I placed the video first because....You might not believe this, but I actually managed to misplace this illustration. So, the only place where you can see the final version (for now at least) is the video I've shared. I've been trying to find it for two days and no luck so far. That doesn't mean that today all you will get to see is this video. I will also share this photograph from my Instagram profile but that's not the final version. The final version is somewhere in my home, but where exactly I have no idea. I hope I will manage to find it before I do my annual recap of fashion illustrations inspired by fashion bloggers ( I'm really looking forward to that one). Are you? Današnja ilustracija je nadahnuta s Ivanom s bloga bambolai (svratite to njenoga bloga tu ).  Prvo sam stavila video jer...Vjerovali il ne uspjela sam zagubiti ovu ilustraciju. Tako da je jedin

How to wear boots in Autumn and Winter? Kako nositi čizme jesenas i zimus?

Hello! Today I have prepared something a bit different for you. A bit of fashion inspiration.  How to wear boots in Autumn and Winter? One of the easiest way to make them stand out is to wear them with skirts and dresses. If you are a pants person, you can pair them with cropped and capri jeans and pants. That way they will still be visible. There is another tactic but it works only with skinny jeans and pants- you just tuck them in your boots. Well, you can actually fold your flares too if you do it carefully and fold them the right way, but that only works with a certain style of boots. I'm sure I'm not inventing anything new but sometimes it is good to be reminded of something. So, these would be the ways you can make your boots more visible in the colder months. However, if you want to keep extra warm, remember that the best way to do that is to wear pants over your boots, preferably a wider pair. This will make your feet extra warm and happy. Zdravo! Danas sam za vas p