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Time for another Friday Fashion Illustration. Yes, it's Friday and I have a fresh new fashion drawing I made especially for this feature (that will hopefully become a super regular one on the blog). I've spent quite a lot of time drawing this fashion illustration one today, let me tell you that. As you can see, it depicts a beautiful lady wearing an oversize hat, the kind that is very trendy this summer. Should I name her? Let's name her Lucy. So, Lucy is also wearing an oversized purple blouse and a maxi blue dress. Not only is Lucy very comfortable in her oversized romantic styling but she is protected from the sun by a fabulous hat. What more could a gal want, right? In fact, Lucy is feeling quite confident and self-contend. With the help of editing fairies, she even ended up enjoying a free holiday in Croatia.  The medium for this drawing is coloured pencils on paper (the coloured pencil brand is not a known one and the paper is Strathmore paper.) As I said, these