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It's time or another Fashion Illustration Friday. If you like my fashion illustrations, you're in the right place. I've started this regular feature on my blog in 2013  so basically almost a decade ago. Over the years I've shared a fair number of my fashion illustrations. I've always enjoyed making fashion illustrations and had some really fun experiences thanks to this little hobby of mine. I'm happy that fashion illustration is a part of my blog journey. In fact, I think opening and having a fashion blog is what inspired me to experiment with my fashion illustration style- and well my art style in general.   Today I'll share with you a single fashion illustration. I actually sketched this one today. As you may see, I illustrated one of my own outfits. I really enjoyed wearing this rock chic outfit back in January and I wore a similar version of it in February as well.  Scroll bellow for more information. ABOUT THE PAINTING PROCESS- THE MAKING OF A FASHION