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My Teddybear picks: How About A Hug?

I drew this teddy bear in pencil over a year ago, as a part of my Inspired by series. If you are interested in the story behind this drawing, you can check out this old post of mine . Basically, it was the first time and so far the last I illustrated someone's toy. Matea Šarić, a filmmaker from Croatia, made a documentary that is all about people's connection to their stuffed toys and named it Geography of Tenderness. Here is a link to her YouTube channel in case you'd like to have a look.  It's her teddy bear I illustrated. Anyway, recently I have edited this drawing and made it available for purchase via my redbubble account. What do you think about the editing? I'm very content  with the drawing itself but I'm not sure about the editing. It is a definitely a skill I'm still learning, but I think this design looks alright. Funny how it looks more like digital art than a drawing now. I'm so glad I started to work in pencil more. I do feel like painti