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Fashion illustration of the day (Happy Saint Patrick's Day!)/ Modna ilustracija dana (Sretan sveti Patrik!)

Today I'm sharing another fashion illustrations with you. The medium is acrylic on paper. I already shared it on my Instagram page, but I was waiting for today to share it on my blog because well it is saint Patrick's Day so I wanted to post something appropriate. On this day it is customary to wear green. Hence, the girl I illustrated is wearing a green outfit. 17th of March (the day of saint Patrick's death) has been an official Christian holiday since the 17th century. This day is  (as far as I know) observed by the majority of christian churches. Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. As one might expect, this day is especially celebrated in Ireland. The Feast of Saint Patrick can be defined as a religious and cultural celebration that takes place on this day. This celebration can come in many shapes and forms. These days, the Feast of saint Patrick doesn't only take place in Ireland, but all over the world. Have you ever attended it? I haven't, but I

Watercolour of the day + Outfit of the day / Akvarel dana + Odjevna kombinacija dana

First of all, congrats to Brooklyn Grace, the winner of my last giveaway. I mailed the illustration the morning following the giveaway, so it should arrive soon enough. I think this was the first time I made this sort of a giveaway on my blog, i.e. a giveaway that featured one of my works. I was thinking about doing it for a while, but I figured it is better to work on improving my technique so I waited until I made something I could be really happy with.  There will probably be more giveaways of the same sort, so stay posted. Now, about the painting of the day. This watercolour took a bit more time to make, because I changed my mind about the colour length and some other details. I like the final look of it, though. In this post, you can see my painting process because I included some 'before and after' photographs.  I'm still figuring out watercolours, but at least I can say that I don't lack any inspiration. I'm always feeling inspired.  Prvo čestitke Broo