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How to style a magenta coat? (location Buna, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Earlier this month, I bought and wore this magenta coat ( here ), and today I have another suggestion for styling it. I've always been a fan of statement coats (even when they weren't really a thing), so you may expect to see this coat again here on blog. I was never the type to buy something and wear it only once, for I usually get a kick of wearing an item repeatedly. Once again, I've paired this coat with jeans, but this time a size darker. I wore a turtleneck in a burgundy colour, and it got on surprisingly well with this dark pink coat. To finish it off, I choose dark brown boots and bag. When I get tired of black, I often opt for brown. It is a rather neutral colour that goes well with everything. To be honest, this leather basketball cap wasn't a part of this outfit. I just put it on because I was worried I might be cold (it was windy) but since the sun was more than enough to warm me, I took it off shortly. All in all, I was pretty happy with this outfit.