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My illustrations of the day / Moje ilustracije dana

Today I'm sharing four illustrations with you.  Two of them are fashion illustrations and the other two are portraits. The first 3 were illustrated with just an eyeliner, but the last one is illustrated with an eyeliner and eye shadow. Earlier this month, I posted a FAQ post about drawing/illustrating/painting with make up (read it here ).  If you have any questions about using make up for painting, crafts or DIY feel free to ask. If you have any personal experience and advice about alternative uses for make up, please share them in the comments. I'm no expert myself, but I've been using make up to paint a lot lately so I wanted to share my experience with you. That is all for today. Thank you for reading. Danas s vama dijelim četiri ilustracije. Dvije su modne ilustracije, a druge dvije su portreti. Prve tri su ilustrirane samo s tušem (u obliku gela) za oči, a za zadnju sam koristila i tuš i sjenilo za oči. Ranije ovoga mjeseca, napisala sam objavu s čestim pitanji