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Jump, jump, jump! / Skači! Skači! Skači!

The  title of today's post obviously refers to the last photograph, where I'm struggling against gravity and well...jumping! No, my dire wolf isn't trying to eat me...we'just fooling around. Most of my outfit photographs are ,as you might have noticed, made when I'm walking the dog,  simply because it is a convenient time to take photos and because the photographer likes to document the growth of our not so little puppy...and  we do both at the same time... Consequently, what  you get is  sporty outfits, but hey, sporty can be fun as well. Nowadays, for me sporty means anything that I wear with sneakers. I always loved mixing styles...wearing sneakers with feminine dresses and heels with boyish outfits. There is always charm in the unexpected. Današnji naslov se očito odnosi na zadnju fotografiju gdje skakutam skupa sa svojom vučjom koja raste tako brzo da je u šali zovem strahovukom. U zadnje vrijeme sve su mi odjevne kombinacije sportske, to jest uvi