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Layering- today's outfit post...Slojevito odjevanje- današnje ruho

 With temperatures being what they are layering clothes seems to be the only way. At one moment it is sunny and in the next cloudy and really cold. I like the aesthetic aspect of layering, but what appeals to me most of all is the practical side of it.  While I'm outside I can put on my hoodie and zip up and inside I can take some of my numerous layers of clothes off. Just in the case you're wondering how many layers I'm wearing the answer is about four...and if that makes me look like I have a few pounds more I couldn't care less. I was actually going to write something about stripes today but taking in consideration that the stripes on my pants are so subtle that one can hardly notice them (especially on the photos) I'll just say that I love stripes. Now I can wear all the stripes that I want and look as if I'm following trends. Zdravo. Zima je još tu, mjenja raspoloženja kao netko kome su joj dali pogrješne ljekove i ne vidim drugog rješen