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Fashion illustration of the day (my fifth blogging anniversary) / Modna ilustracija dana ( peta godišnjica moga bloga)

Yesterday I celebrated five years of blogging- kind of. You see I didn't actually celebrate it because I forgot about it. I did, however, published my first post after many months of not being able to blog  (here is  why ) . So, perhaps I did celebrate it- I just wasn't aware of it. Five years of blogging. Five years! I can scarcely believe it has been so long. Jučer sam proslavila pet godina bavljenja blogom- na neki način. Vidite baš i nisam proslavila zato jer sam zaboravila na godišnjicu. No, ono što sam napravila je da sam objavila prvu objavu nakon što mjesecima nisam uspjela ništa objaviti ( ovdje možete pročitati zašto). Pet godina bloga. Pet godina. Jedva mogu vjerovati da je prošlo toliko.  I don't know if you can notice, but the illustrated girl is actually holding a book titled  Donna con te .  I often draw ladies with books in their hands. It must be because I'm such a bookworm. Anyhow, there is no such book (as far as I