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 Hello! In this post, we shall explore, Valletta, a city of incredibly rich history. Besides it being the capital of Malta, Valletta is one of the most concentrated historical sites in the world. Simply a dream place for a historical lover like myself. Apart from being a historical landmark like no other, Valletta is simply amazingly beautiful.  VALLETTA! THE BEAUTY, THE STRENGHT AND THE HISTORY During my stay in Malta, I visited Valetta a couple of times. My first visit was my friend Ivana, who was simply an ideal host. She was my guide and showed me a around. We've had such an amazing time strolling Valletta together. My other visits to Valletta were by myself. I strolled around the city and marvelled at how beautiful it was. I remember having an espresso by myself in a small cafe. Everyone called me 'mademoiselle' for some reason. Maybe they thought I was French. I get asked if I'm French sometimes, I think it's just something that people say when they can't