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Inspired by Jennifer / Nadahnuta s Jennifer

First of all, thank you all for your lovely comments on this post. I'm still figuring it out, I'm sure I will make up my mind soon enough. Sometimes change is good. In the meantime I decided to share another Inspired by... post with you. This is a feature in which I illustrate fashion bloggers. This time I was inspired by Jennifer. You can check out her blog here . Prije svega, hvala svima na lijepim komentarima na ovoj objavi. Još smišljam što bi, sigurna sam da ću se uskoro odlučiti. Ponekad je promjena dobra. U međuvremenu, odlučila sam podijeliti još jednu  Nadahnuta s.... rubriku. Ovo je rubrika u kojoj ilustriram modne blogere i blogerice. Ovoga puta nadahnila me Jennifer. Možete pogledati njen blog ovdje . Inspired by......

Where the sea is crystal clear......Gdje je more kristalno čisto.......

Split. This city is capable of producing magic. Very subtle kind of magic that gets under your skin without you noticing it. Split. Where the sea is always crystal clear. Split. My hometown, my childhood. Split. In English, this word has a meaning that is very close to my heart. I often feel like I'm split in two, split between my desires and my plans. My futile efforts to be at two place at once that are often reinforced my incredible stubborness that always seems to develop new dimensions. Typical Taurus. Always setting up hard tasks for myself, always doing my best to live up to (impossibly) high standards that I set up for myself. Well, almost always. Sometimes I go for a nice relaxing stroll with my husband and I share those photographs with you. It is such a joy to be oudoors when nature reawakes from its dream. These moments are when I don't feel split in two, this is when I feel whole. These images were taken last month (March 13th to be more precise). The Spring was a