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Collaboration/ Suradnja (CNdirect)

Today I'm presenting to you two clothing items I got from  CNdirect  site. I ordered three items, two pairs of identical skinny harem pants ( see  here ) and one masculine blazer (see  here ). I'm very satisfied with all of them, especially with the pants. I like these pants  because they are a very unique fushion of harlem and skinny pants. I can't decide what is my favourite thing about them, the bow that can be tied in the front or the big pockets.  I never came across a similar model before, they totally won me over and you know I don't even wear pants that often. I ordered them in M size and they fit me perfectly.  Now, about the blazer. I actually ordered it for my husband, but I might borrow it from time to time because it is really elegant. I ordered a size 3XL ( the largest size available) because my husband, like myself, has very wide shoulders.  It was raining cats and dogs when these photographs were taken (about half an hour ago), but I hope I managed to p