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Hutovo blato wintertime/ zimi ( part two/ drugi dio)

Here comes the second part of my visit to Hutovo blato . I even found this little spot there- a place I didn't notice during my previous visits. You need to walk a bit to get here, but it's worth the walk. Just follow the track and you'll know when you see it. We actually saw an eagle while we were here. That was lovely! This place is a known spot for bird-watching. Although, I tend to see birds everywhere. It must be because I love them. Anyway, our visit wasn't long but it was very enjoyable. I even managed to sun bathe a little- fully dressed though! But it still wasn't warm enough for me to take my coat of, let alone something else. Have a lovely day!  Evo drugi dio posjeta Hutovom blatu . Čak sam pronašla i ovo malo mjesto koje nisam primijetila tijekom ranijih posjeta ovome mjestu. Morate malo hodati da biste tu dospjeli, ali isplati se prošetati. Samo slijedite stazu i znati ćete kada ga vidite. Zapravo smo čak i vidjeli orla dok smo bili tu. To j

Hutovo blato (part one) / Hutovo blato (prvi dio )

EN I had another post planned for today, but then I realized that it has been ages since I published an outfit post. Somehow my blog became dominated by my paintings and making those takes some time and effort, you know. Plus, there are some additional reasons why outfits posts are hard to organize but I will get into them some other time. Hutovo blato doesn't need a special introduction, does it? I blogged about it at least a dozen of times (most recently here ). This unique Mediterranean swamp is located in south east Herzegovina, near Čapljina city (close to the boarder with Croatia). I certainly can recommend this beautiful nature park and bird reservoir. If you are a nature lover, you might want to add this place to your list. These photographs were taken there about two weeks ago. It was a very sunny day. If I wasn't wearing gloves, you probably couldn't tell that it is winter time. I'm happy that I made some 'winter' photographs of this place