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Yellow Riding Hood / Žutokapica

Yellow Riding Hood....I'm living my autumn fairy tale at the moment. I'm letting the beauty of Autumn mesmerize me and I'm spending as much time outdoors as possible. Recently I visited Čapljina. It is a small city in region of Herzegovina. Everyone is always talking about it, saying it is the perfect city for taking a stroll. That's quite correct actually. For my part, I can say that I always enjoy taking a stroll here. Plus, I took the chance to check out one newly reopened cake house. This little city has an interesting history. Apparantly, it was founded by ancient Romans in fifth century BC. Its name  is derived from 'čaplja', which in Croatian means haron. This is no accident because in vicinity of this city, you will find bird reservoir and nature park Hutovo blato.  Haron is only one of the  bird that can be seen here. Now, I posted about Hutovo blato quite frequently, so instead of repeting myself, I will leave you a few links. ( here , here , and here

Dresswe evening dresses and fashion illustratio

Hello! This post has been updated with new fashion illustrations enjoy! Today I'm presenting you Dresswe , an online shop that specializes in evening and wedding dresses as well as dresses for special occasions. I always love it when I get asked to present gowns because it gives me the perfect excuse to  feast my eyes on them. Is there anything more feminine that a long evening dress? I think there is a little inner princess in most of us ladies that just jumps at the opportunity of viewing glamorous long evening dresses. They make us feel like we are in a fairy-tale and there is nothing wrong with that. Plus, there are many social events that require us to wear formal wear. Attending them can be our chance to shine, especially if we select a right dress. However, selecting that special number for that special evening can be quite a challenge. That is why online stores are there, to make our lives easier. I've made a selection of affordable evening dresses at dresswe