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Happy New Year! / Sretna Nova godina!

Happy New Year! I wish you all much  happiness, bliss and  personal growth. Something about the beginning of new year always fills me with optimism. I know it doesn't make that much sense, it's just a date, but it feels like a blank page, a blank page that can be filled with wonders...There are times we must put our retrospective and intellectual self at rest and marvel in that childish joy of getting something new in our hands...even if that new is something symbolic, just a date really. I started this new year feeling very peaceful, but then something happened that reminded me of my personal sorrow. Still, I'm old enough to know that happiness without sorrow is often a very empty kind of happiness.  It is as much what we had lost, as what we have, that makes what we are. I wanted this new year to start with homage to the years gone. This traditional  folklore bag was hand made for me by my late grandmother, who died on my eighteenth birthday. I've c