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 Hello and welcome to another fashion illustration post. This fashion illustration was inspired by a fellow blogger Vix from blog Vintage Vixen . As you might know, sometimes I illustrate bloggers for my 'Inspired by' posts. I've been doing it for years. This is not my first time illustrating Vix either. In fact, while browsing my laptop's arhive today, I'd come to realize that I have illustrated Vix four times before, so this was my fifth illustration.   As a reference I used a photograph of a beautiful vintage outfit posted on Vix's blog (this post ). The illustrated outfit consists of a gorgeous  maxi velvet dress from the sixties paired with a Nigel Rayment hat and some lovely accessories. I've always loved the combination of blue and green colour palettes. The medium for this illustration is watercolour pencils on paper. That's the medium I've been working with most often lately (as you might have noticed). The illustration style I opted the elo