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butterfly (outfit post) / leptir (odjevna objava)

butterfly headpiece( leptir): DIY, puffer (jakna): no name, scarf/ jeans(šal, rebe): vintage,  bag(torba): second hand, shoes(cipele): Peko Let's talk about this butterfly that has been nice enough to land in my hair. I made it many years ago, using wire and stones (not precious once) and quite often I would wear it on necklaces (self-made ones naturally). Lately I've turned this little charmer into a hair decoration. Isn't a touch of butterfly the nicest sensation? Now, I mean that in literal (i.e. tactile ) not metaphorical (or fashion) sense. Not that I have anything against butterflies in fashion, I'm wearing one on my head, am I not? In the summer, on the beach, covered with salt, we suddenly become attractive to butterflies. Taken that you're on a non crowded beach, you may live to  see these little guys leaving the rocks and landing on your feet. I always feel happy as happ