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 What to wear to a summer wedding? Today I'll share with you what I wore to a wedding that took place two days ago. I opted for a long gold dress I got as a part of a collaboration back in 2019 (original post HERE ). I think items with sequins and metallic glitter are a fantastic choice because they are always such a glamorous option. I felt a bit like mermaid, especially during the catering event that was at the beach in Podstrana (that took place before the actual wedding). The wedding ceremony and the celebration that followed took place in Split city.  Before opting for this dress, I asked some friends for their opinion on whether the dress was a bit too much. They all said it was fine. Seeing that the bride opted for an elaborative wedding dress, I don't think I was overdressed. In fact, I think it was the perfect dress for the occasion. When it comes to Croatian weddings it is better to overdress than to risk being underdressed. I think in that sense, our weddings are sim