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Valentine's day inspired fashion illustrations/ Modne ilustracije nadahnute Valentinovom

you make my heart sing Happy Saint Valentine's day hearts Whether you're romantic or not, everyone appreciates a nice gesture or sign of affection What could/should I buy him for Valenetine's?/  think, think, think.... You can stay under my umbrella I wish you could look inside my heart Gothic Valentine's day illustrations   Valentine's day is here soon, so here are some fashion illustration inspired by the most romantic day in the year. Do you have any plans? Do you celebrate this day? For me it is not much different then any other day. I'll probably just prepare something nice (don't I do that every day?) for lunch and dinner (as my husband cannot leave home for the next month or so so we won't go out this year).  For me Valentine's day is not a big deal, but just another excuse to feel festive. One thing I have to admit is that I always have a hard time picking the right present for my signific