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Outfit of the day/ Današnje ruho

  (I have tied my DIY necklace where originally a bow was placed- just in case you've seen this necklace before and now you wonder how it ended up  attached on the dress) Do you ever get dress up just to make  yourself feel better? Today I did just that. I was feeling pretty down so I tried on this blue dress  that I've picked up from some store (price tag 5 euros)  while I was waiting for a friend to meet me- apart from that I don't remember when was a last time I bought a clothing item. Here is a fashion blogger that admits she doesn't like shopping! Let's call this outfit my version of a school girl uniform so I could have an excuse to join miss Papelicos  share in style ...theme of this one is Halloween ... I wanted to join in but as I don't really celebrate Halloween, this will have to be my compromise. Je li ponekad nešto obučete da bi si popravili raspoloženje? Danas sam upravo to napravila. Osjećala sam se be