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Unfair advantage (outfit post of the day) / Nepoštena prednost (odjevna kombinacija dana)

Today I was thinking about something that my husband once said to me. 'You have an unfair advantage. For you it is so easy to express yourself', he said. There was this implication that  I was able to put everything down in words. I can't deny it. For me, expressing my views and thoughts requires almost no effort. If you start me on a subject I'm interested in, I can talk for hours. I can share my emotions and thoughts eloquently. However, it is not something that I was born with. Expressing oneself clearly, either in written or in spoken form, is a skill. This skill is something that we develop all our life. Everyone can be good at it. The more time we dedicate to it, the better we become at it. It is like every skill. It would be really odd if I wasn't able to put two sentences together, considering that I spent five years of my life studying language and literature at University level. During that time I wrote hundreds of essays in two languages and gave dozens