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I love this city! (today's outfit post)/ Volim ovaj grad ( današnja odjevna kombinacija)

Am I feeling the Monday blues today? Hell no! It is a beautiful day here in Split today and all of the sudden a bunch of tourists appeared out of do they always know when it is the right time to show up?  Today I'm finally sure that the spring has arrived, in fact it feels  like summer. Besides that, I have another reason to be happy. Tonight I'm seeing Puccini  on stage for the first time! Isn't that fantastic?  Anyway, today my outfit is all about making animal print classical....this is one of my low cost outfits and yet it makes me feel quite lady like which goes to prove that don't need much money to create a certain look. The hat is borrowed, the blouse is from Terra nova (5euros) and the heels from Peko (7 euros) and even the tights were something like 2 euros. The skirt is ( I think) my mum's. I love vintage so I'm happy she saved up her clothes from the 60ties/70ties/80ties...and a pencil skirt is something every women shoul