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Summer is here. My 38th Summer.  Sometimes I wonderful how the years just seem to fly by.  At other times, I feel like I have lived  not one but at least a hundred lives.  Sometimes I feel like I'm at least 3800 years old.   Not in a bad way. Not entirely anyway. What do I feel this Summer?  How do I feel? Bittersweet. It's a bittersweet Summer. Everything has been bittersweet since Spring 2020. Everything has felt uncertain and unpredictable.  So uncertain that I feel no need to comment or elaborate on it. Let's focus on the sweet, then. Split city as beautiful as ever. A living magic, always changing and evolving. A pearl of the Mediterranean. A spirit that still lives. A place that will always feel like home. A city that is my home.  How are you doing? I'm trying to make the most out of my unpaid leave. I've taken a few days to just relax and unwind. My plans for the Summer are still undefined. Who knows where summer is going to take me?  Split has inspired many