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Life Lately: New Illustrations & Book recommendations

Today I'm back with some new art, thoughts  and book recommendations. One of the things I've learned lately (or better to say relearned because it's something that I need to remind myself of) is the importance of sketching. Why sketching is important?  Finding time to do art is never easy. That is why I always advise sketching or even doodling. Sketching or doodling is a great way of getting ideas onto paper. Ideas that can grow into something more. Ideas that can become paintings or even an ambitious project of some kind. This doesn't just apply to hobby art. Brainstorming and writing things down is a great way to organize our thoughts. Similarly, keeping scrapbooks, art journals or what not, can help us take our creative idea the next step. Waiting for inspiration is one of the worst myths out there, together with waiting for things to be perfect. My advice: just grab a pen and see where it gets you. Remember to always keep trying. For example, I made