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Summer inspiration / Ljetno nadahnuće ( Wanderlust)

Health problems from July are now set aside and I'm looking forward to this new month. Moreover, I've been feeling almost blissfully happy lately and most of that is due to the the fact that the Summer has finally arrivated. It is like that with every day of the Summer my mood just gets better. Welcome July, make yourself at home, I'm sure we can be friends because I have a good feeling about you. Yesterday  I spoke about the pursuit of beauty and happiness ( here ) and the day before I spoke of my love for patterns ( here ). What we have on the menu today is Summer. As far as I can remember, I've always loved Summer. To greet this new season, I've decide to do a little summary of some of my favourite looks. I did my best to select outfits that also come with interesting locations. Therefore,  if this Summer has already awaken your wanderlust, you might consider visiting some of these places. I'm sure they would all make a fine vacation choice. *****All the lo