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Hello dear readers and fellow bloggers! Today I'm taking you to back to Vrboska on island Hvar. This place was my frequent destination back when I lived on island Hvar. I managed to visit it once this summer but haven't blogged about it yet. I have a lot of posts about island Hvar in the drafts, but my health issues set me a bit back with my blogging schedule so I'm making for it now. Never mind, I'm sure I'll manage to publish them in due time. I have a special bond with island Hvar.  I think you guys learned to love and appreciate island Hvar through my blog as well.  Anyhow, earlier I came across a summer outfit I haven't shared before. This floral dress was a summer purchase in Mana store. The occasion I dressed for was  a visit to Vrboska and Soline beach with my husband. This was an evening walk so we were able to enjoy the sunset. If you haven't experienced sunset in Vrboska, I can highly recommend it. This place has got one of the most beautiful suns