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A Girl In a Red Gown ( Fashion illustration of the day)

Today I'm sharing a new fashion illustration with you. The medium is watercolour and markers on paper. The illustration depicts a girl wearing a red gown. I made this fashion illustration with the Chinese New Year in mind. I love the symbolism behind the colour red, so a red gown was a must. Another thing I love is this kind of dramatic and glam design, I mean what lady doesn't like over the top gowns with lots of details? This kind of dresses are enough to make us feel like princesses and queens, and we all need that once in a while.  This red gown also has flare (transparent) sleeves because I've been really into flare style lately.  I wouldn't mind owing a dress like this one. Maybe I'll make it some day.  Who knows? Lately my eye wonders everything I pass by a textile/fabric shop. I'm always tempted to go in and buy tons of materials and fabrics, but I won't do that until I'm certain that I can commit to it. Making a dress is a very time-consu