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What I wore this morning / Što sam jutros nosila ( tshirt with DIY heart patches / majica s ušivenim srcima)

  7.30 am. I'm awake. I awoke a bit later than usual this morning.  I wash my face and turn on my laptop. My husband reminds me that yesterday I had said something about how I will go hiking every morning from now on. He is right, I did say that. I turn off my laptop, wash my face once more and grab the first items that come to my hand. It is pure luck these two clothing items happen to match...or maybe it is not luck. I customized them myself, didn't I? DIY has its perks. Anyway, I'm already out of the house and rushing towards the hills because this is Mostar. That means the temperature will rise very high very quickly. As I climb the hill, I'm struggling to make out the mountains in the distance. The heat has made everything seem blurred, but in a way that makes landscape magical.  8.15 am . Missed call. I must have toned down the volume and forgot about it. It doesn't matter, it's time to get back anyway. I type a message and head back. I had my 15 m