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DIY statement necklaces/ uradi sam upečatljive ogrlice

You know how much I love statement necklaces. These ones I've made by sewing these lovely crystal imitations (that I have bought in a store where the sewing equipment is sold) onto faux leather. I wanted to make something that would be of good quality i.e that wouldn't fall apart immediately after being purchased as some of the similar but glued necklaces some girls were ordering (and paying handsomely for) (being asked to fix one of those glued necklaces is what gave me the idea in the first place). I think these are a good start and I hope I will approve my skills with time. (This working with faux leather is a bit new to me but really it isn't difficult. Sewing the crystals does take forever, though. I understand now why some choose to use the glue). The first necklace I gave to my sister-in-law, the second one to my mum and the third to my sister-in-law's sister. There are also two I didn't have time to take photographs of because I gave them a

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